Incorrigible: Secrets Past & Present

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Even pacifists have their limits.

Being a partner in genocide is unimaginable for a peaceful, inept shape shifter like Grainne.

But when her husband Slyxx holds her medieval homeland hostage for a seemingly worthless ransom she doesn’t have, the inconceivable happens.  Despite growing despair, Grainne can’t let go of believing that survivors do exist, and it’s up to her to find them.  When she detects an error in translation of a set of mysterious scrolls penned by a missing order of priestesses, she resolves to find the women she believes can lead her to survivors.

What Grainne doesn’t realize is that she already knows the missing priestesses, and some of them are working to stop her from uncovering a secret alliance threatening her world.  Even worse, the key to saving her world is inside of her, and someone will stop at nothing to have it.  Grainne is about to learn just how naïve she really is when she discovers the stars aren’t what she thought they were . . . and neither is she.

Incorrigible Happenings

May 25, 2013 – Balticon 47

1st Public Reading from Incorrigible: Secrets Past & Present

Join me at Balticon 47 in Baltimore at 4pm on Saturday, May 25th.  I and eight (Yes, count ’em, 8!) sci-fi, fantasy, and horror novelists will be reading from our latest works in a Broad Universe-sponsored Rapid Fire Reading session.  I’m as nervous as a cat but excited to meet readers and my sister Broads!

C O V E R S !

The covers for Entrapments and Seeking (Parts One and Two of Incorrigible) are in the hands of Designer Derek Murphy.  Watch my Twitter and Facebook or follow this blog via WordPress or by e-mail if you’d like to be notified when I unveil the covers.  I can hardly wait to see Derek’s magic!


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