How to Stay Grounded on Release Day

It’s what I worked toward, anticipated, and feared.  Release day is a big ball o’ tangled emotions.  But one thing I will not have to worry about is staying grounded.

Release day is also the day our 2 Great Pyrenees, Tahoe and Bianca, make their first trip to the vet since they came to live with us a few weeks ago.  No shots today, just meet and greet and manicures.  It would be easy to forget that these two came from rescue, were it not that they flinch, have horrible teeth, and that Bianca has inoperable ACL ruptures that require medication.  Their desire to trust is obvious.  They’re lovable and tender.  They deserve better than the lot they received before they came here.

So, amid all the hubbub of launching the first episode of my novel, I’ll stay grounded.  I’ll be the one carrying a paper bag with baggies of dog poop to the vet’s office.  One can’t get much more grounded than dog poop!

Please get your pets spayed and neutered, and consider adopting an animal in need of a good home!

Happy birthday, Incorrigible!  And thank you, National Great Pyrenees Rescue, for helping animals in need!


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